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October 25, 2009



Am glad I was able to catch 4 films as I only found out about it on its last 3 days. We are lucky to have Cinemanila, shame not many went. as I told someone, it's the festival I wait for (what I actually said was, "It's the festival I LIVE for" but that might be an exaggeration.. but maybe not)

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Yes, I agree to this blog that the parent should educate their kids at the early stage of their life. So that they can easily adapt themselves when they are ready to go to school. It must be not the high end one, but at least a kid can do anything to it to learn basics.

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I love watching independent film. Tikoy Aguiluz is one of my favorite director and his movies is great.

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Such guns will benefit most when lead shots are used.

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this is not a plot-driven movie. Or, if it is, it tells one of the oldest stories of humankind

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That's so funny...I can relate too...I have to clear out the clutter so I can think and then I sometimes have to force myself to buy a few nice little things..just for me. I tend to be overly frugal so I really do have to force myself but it really helps create a calm clean environment. Thanks for a great website. It's awesome.

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