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November 11, 2009





"I dunno why I stopped visiting them"

I don't know about frisko but I reckon you got put off by sparks pseudo-intellectual bullshit from the last year or so. Am I right?


No, you’re not. I have always liked the fact that Sparks splices her regular posts with offshoots from her academic work, in fact that’s the main reason I go to her site. Her posts always make me think, even when I don’t necessarily agree with them. It’s depressing to see a blogger who has never underestimated her readers being called “pseudo intellectual”—she IS an intellectual and that’s not a dirty word in my book.

Jane Doe

I miss the early blog days too. With my old blog, I knew so many fellow bloggers and these days they either no longer post or no longer comment, etc. Your blog is interesting!


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