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November 09, 2009


frank keeling

1980 Clash ! By then they had joined the dinosaurs (well almost!). Now 1977 "White Riot" tour was real revolution rock.Saw them at Sussex University with Buzzcocks (definitely) and Subway Sect (I am pretty sure in support. Bought the first album a few weeks before. After a little mindset adjustment.... I played it nonstop until the gig. Threw out all my pre-punk music straight after the gig ( did the same a few years later first time I heard Joy Division...... Probably bought 90% of the discarded stuff a decade later in CD format!!! AL I dont think you could make the gig at the time as you were still in your Doors phase. Are you still ??? LOL
Frank K


Ha, ha -- of course! Jim will always be the lizard king to me! In 1977 I was working at Sergeant Yorke's casino and never went anywhere ... Funnily enough, a couple of days ago I watched The Future in Unwritten, the Julien Temple movie on Joe Strummer -- quite good.

I wasn't into the "all previous music was crap" line in the late 1970s and I'm not now. If you'd held onto all your Uriah Heep records they probably be worth a bob or two Frank ...

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