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February 07, 2010


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Does Anyone believe that Ping Lacson is innocent of the murder of Bubby Dacer, his driver Emmanuel Corbito, Inspector Vina, and the killing of the members of the "Kuratong Baleleng Gang? Go to bed at night after you had your tooth pulled by your local dentist and wait for the Tooth Fairy to come around to leave some money under your pillow. You;ll see.


Ping Lacson is innocent. Final


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There is no other phrase to best describe Senator Panfilo Lacson’s recent strategy but an act of desperation. Ping, through his office, distributed a one-page press statement to the media to reiterate his request to Justice Secretary Leila de Lima to order a reinvestigation of the case and also to provide several counter points pertaining to evidence, his so-called innocence, facts and his alibi. To a layman reading the purported statement, one could be easily led to believe that he is a mere victim of injustice and political maneuvering. However, as a citizen we owe it to justice to see all sides and dissect such a self-serving statement to ferret out the truth which can only be achieved if we tease Ping’s statement apart, bit by bit.
He said that one should only look at the evidence to obtain justice. He forgot that he was already given ample time to submit his counter evidence to prove his innocence. Recalling the development of the case, a preliminary investigation was initially conducted in July 2009 by the Department of Justice wherein Ping was given opportunity to submit his counter-affidavit and personally appear before the DOJ panel of prosecutors. It was from this preliminary investigation that the DOJ also found probable cause for two separate crime of murder against Senator Lacson and which became the basis for the filing of a criminal case with the Manila Regional Trial Court.
In a bid to delay the legal process, Ping filed a motion for judicial determination of probable cause which ironically, and to his dismay, only fast-tracked the issuance of a warrant of arrest against him given that all records to include all his submitted evidence were once again scrutinized and found to be sufficient to advance the case. But in an apparent show of his infamous stubbornness, Lacson instructed his lawyers to file for the issuance of a temporary restraining order against the warrant which was sensibly denied by the sixth division of the appellate court on December 3, 2010. From these developments, one can readily surmise that two courts have already examined the evidence against him and that he was already accorded due process and for that reason should no longer call for De Lima to reinvestigate the case.
To further emphasize the lack of need to reinvestigate the case, De Lima herself stated that she is leaving everything to the court, even pointing out that Ping’s motion for reconsideration has already been strike down by the same court. An excerpt of the decision explains the reasons behind such rejection:
“Significant it is to point out, at this juncture, the testimonies of Dumlao which allegedly provided exculpatory evidence for him were already at hand when this court issued its order dated 4 February 2010. Hence, the same and all other pieces of evidence on records have already been considered by the court in arriving at its said order....”
"it should not pass the burden to the prosecution in determining probable cause by granting a reinvestigation at this late hour when all the evidence are already within its hold to ascertain the same."
“To do so will accomplish nothing but to cause further delay in the early disposition of the cases.... this court finds no cogent reason to exercise its discretion of ordering a reinvestigation of these cases which jurisprudence dictates should be sparingly wielded,”
He claimed that he was innocent and prefers to suffer in pain but with dignity. He had been a law enforcer for a long time and should very well know that a suspect’s flight only translates to guilt. If what he claim of his innocence is true, he should have submitted himself under the jurisdiction of the court when his name first cropped up in the Dacer-Corbito murder case. By doing so, he would have demonstrated that he fears no one and in effect could have won the world over to his side, thus proving his purported innocence. However, he opted to be a fugitive and counter his charges via the media and attempts to project himself as a sorry victim of the past administration. So who is into political maneuvering now?
One can only deduce that Ping is also afraid to face his former subordinate now turned witness to the case, Cesar Mancao. By merely issuing counter statements via the media, Ping is only sinking deeper into a quagmire of cases and the mess he is involved in. He is being given a chance to formally counter the testimony of Mancao yet he remains elusive and stubborn. His recent action would only prove that he is terrified of being exposed thus guilty of the charges filed against him.
His alibi that he was out of the country at the time the order to kill Dacer was given is also quite feeble. Such a defense is weak and reeks, again, of desperation. With the technology we have now, the power and money he wields, it would be quite easy for Ping, via his multitude of minion, to forge documents that will project that he never left the country. However, such an alibi was twice denied by the court. Like a cornered rat, Ping is desperately drawing on his last straws. The statement failed to establish his innocence and has instead only exposed that he has been hiding not because he is a victim but because he was the mastermind and is terrified of serving his time in jail.


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Well, what can I say? I think the Interpol countries will feel that their time is well spent hunting down that guy when the authorities in his home country have proved so lackadaisical in taking action against him and I will be happy for it. 2j3j

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