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May 16, 2010



Funny - I was just thinking along similar lines about Ferdy this week - check out my blog: http://designkultur.wordpress.com/2010/05/08/the-philippines-general-eleksyon-2010-the-marcos-era-in-retrospect-he-got-things-done/ As for your assertion that the country has "many advantages," I wouldn't agree:
"a hardworking and creative people" : perhaps a minority
"a democratic structure" : really?
"a nascent but rapidly growing call center and back office sector" : perhaps, but I wouldn't put all my eggs in that basket
"vast remittances" : a strange way to grow an economy
"enormous untapped tourist potential" : if it hasn't developed by now, I doubt it will grow much in the future. There are reasons why the rest of the world isn't interested in visiting to Philippines.
Anyway, just my thoughts. Keep up the good writing!
Best, M


Whenever fellow Pinoys insist on this supposed need for a "strongman" ("like Lee Kwan Yew"), I get really annoyed and tend to remind them that we already had one. So have loads of countries in Asia and Latin America
--and where did that get them?

I agree that a leader with vision and integrity is very desirable, but s/he need not be a tyrant. I guess in a country with formal democratic institutions amidst grinding poverty, the link between democracy and development is not an easy one to make.

However, it's quite critical to make that link. Democracy doesn't just mean lively elections; it means more transparency in government, having the means to hold public officials to account, being able to participate in public life outside of elections, robust human rights etc.

Will wait for the areas of potential you mentioned. Sometimes it's not easy for us to spot these anymore. Too much baggage.


Please do blog more often!


What about the lack of discipline and laziness of the people. I think it plays a big part of where the Philippines is today. What has the Filipino people done for their country except complain???

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The Philippines has a 97 percent literacy rate, one among the highest in Asia. The governance starts with the BARANGAY Council headed by the Barangay Chairman is comparable to the Boroughs in the US headed by a Mayor. The one man rule of the Strongman Marcos deprived the Philippines a wealth of new ideas from they younger generation. The political and economic turmoil that we are experiencing now in the PhiIippines is the product of 14 years of dictatorial rule. Before the Martial Law , the Philippines ranked numero dos to Japan as the top country in Asia. After the Martial Law, the Philippines is again Numero Dos to Bangladesh at the bottom of the pile. PGMA did not create all of this problems that our country is going through today, but she inherited it, and we have to blame the late Strongman.

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Very well put J. Basically, you are damned if you do and damned if you don't. So perhaps I should not have written off Hillary's comments quite so glibly. Thanks for your insights.


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I am hopeful that Bill Luz will return to the Department of Education, possibly as Secretary.

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