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June 26, 2010


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Interesting! The story of a semi-delirious ‘trip’ of a young drop-out writer in search of his identity

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Hunger was published in 1890, but its tone is pure mid-20th century alienation.

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A friend even talked about making a movie of Victoria, his only love story.


Albert and Charlene, married in grand weekend ceremonies in Monaco, are former Olympians. Albert competed in five Winter Olympics as part of Monaco's bobsled team. Charlene swam for South Africa in the 2000 Sydney Olympics.

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However, Britain certainly never really caught on with Hamsun, in fact he detested anything to do with the Brits. In Ferguson’s view, Hamsun’s leaning towards Nazism, or perhaps more accurately, towards a powerful Germany, has to be understood in the context of his visceral anti-British views.

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His story is not typical. There may be some loopholes but you can learn a lot.

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Some blamed his second wife, Marie, who was certainly more active in Nasjonal Samling (i.e. Nazi) circles than he was. Or maybe it was in part a pretence; a guise he assumed to enable him to use his influence to save at least some resisters from execution.

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