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October 16, 2010



I was looking for a "like" button. yes, that is a bit worrisome, your observations on PNoy. And hope he learns from all these challenges. I am glad he is sticking to his stand against the Church on the RH Bill anyway. Shows SOME guts. The bus debacle could not have been handled worse though...


Noynoy is same as his mother . He still repeats those mistakes.

Major Tom

I thought I was the only one with the same observation. I felt that in the beginning days of his administration, how he seem to have a pedestrian/pedantic tongue, opening his mouth without prior thought; this git me worried about him, makes me think that if he doesn't change or improve on this nascent weakness, he might be easy targets for plotters and conspirators.


What is happening right now is that most of our country men led by TV media are more interested in PNoy's love life instead of watching his job as a leaders of the country.

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allowed her brother to sabotage the reform process by recruiting KBL and other unsavory trapo (traditional politician) types

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I was looking for a "like" button

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That he had to create two layers of committees to inquire into the episode suggests indecisiveness to act on delicate and sensitive issues.


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